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Get Your Shine ON!

Here's A Shout-Out To My Beauteous, Big-Hearted Clients!

It's No Secret I Adore Every Single One Of Those Marvelous, Manifesting Beings.🤍

The reason I dig what I do so much is because each client I work with is making their own masterpiece!

Here Are A Few Of The Reasons Why My Clients Get Better Outcomes

Life has few guarantees, but here's why my clients transform their lives.

  • They understand there's no magic pill. They're always willing to put in the time to take coaching/mentoring/learning seriously. My clients know it's super important to be open and honest with themselves. And at first, they sometimes feel weird telling me personal things, but it isn't long before trust, and a great coaching/mentoring relationship between us forms.

  • They're willing to change. Inner work is never really easy. Clearing out old hang-ups, reprogramming perspectives, forming new beliefs, and taking the right types of actions can sound like daunting tasks. But they also know if they do the work, their lives will change, so they listen for inspiration, take motivation, and persist through setbacks...even when they don't feel like it.

  • They're ready for transformation! There's something so important to them, and they're dead set they're gonna get it. They believe that manifesting can get them there, and they sometimes even borrow my unwavering belief in them. So they learn, grow, develop, and don't just focus on manifesting one big thing. They focus on how following spiritual principles can overhaul the way they live their day-to-day.

  • See A Few Of The Uplifting Ways You Can Create Something New And Different

    Revealing and realizing dreams can start with simple, straightforward approaches. 

    Mindfulness And Self-Care

    Mindfulness and self-care have become popular ways to deal with stress and anxiety in recent years. There are many reasons why these practices work, but here are just a few:

    *Mindfulness helps you to focus on the present moment, which can help you to avoid getting caught up in negative thoughts and emotions.

    *Self-care can help you to improve your overall mood and reduce stress.

    *Mindfulness and self care can help you to become more aware of your own body and mind, which can lead to better decision-making and improved mental and physical health.


    While enneagrams have been around for centuries, they're now becoming popular. Enneagrams are an excellent tool to understand and identify a person's personality type. When you know why you think and behave the way you do, then you can take measures to alter your perceptions and how you act in the world. Accepting your enneagram type can help you transform any relationship. You'll have more compassion and understanding for others and you'll know better how to communicate with them. You might even be gentler with yourself.

    I'm Sharing Some The Kind Love Notes I've Gotten From My Delighted Clients

    Entrepreneur started coaching to attract money.

    “I started coaching with Marcie to learn how to manifest more money. I'm an entrepreneur that's on the spiritual side and I liked the idea of using the law of attraction to help me bring in more business. In one month I doubled my clients and it keeps getting better.”

    -Diondre Russell

    Got over the fear of affording things.

    "I never thought I could afford a personal coach like Marcy so I was surprised when she told me I could. She has a lot of faith in me and my ability to use spiritual laws. She helped me get over my fear that I couldn't afford it and let me know that she was there to help. That is what she does and my life has changed for the better in every way.”


    Gained inner reflections and insights.

    "Marcie is amazing-her energy is positive, uplifting and contagious. Marcie intuitively listens to what you are seeking in the moment and provides great supportive tools to help you gain clarity on your soul path. Her follow up sessions were always on point and inspired me to great inner reflections and insights."

    -Elizabeth Marquez

    Attracted her fiance.

    " I was a student of Marcie's before I paid for coaching and I kinda thought I knew about how to attract stuff by the time I got there. I'm blown away by the quality of materials and info. Marcie knows a LOT about this topic and she teaches you how to play your part in getting what you want. She doesn't tell you what to do but she shows you how to find your own answers. Since coaching I've attracted my fiance and I'm thrilled.

    -Amie Lynn

    Spiritual/Universal Principles And Exercises

    Spiritual principles provide a foundation and a framework for living the life you want. They teach you how to live in harmony with yourself and others and connect with your higher power. When you live by universal principles, you're more likely to feel happy, peaceful, and fulfilled.

    Understanding and working with the principles of our cosmos helps us to stay aligned with our values and priorities. They can even provide a sense of purpose for us because they remind us we're not alone and every need we have is completely supported right now. Also, these unchanging laws that apply to everyone can help us navigate challenges and make tough decisions which is all part of the learning of life.

    Success Principles

    Success principles are the basic steps or guidelines that successful people use to achieve their goals. While the specifics could vary from person to person, there are some general principles that are common to most successful people.

    This is important to your future self. There's a lot for you to gain by adopting similar habits, behaviors, and mindsets of people that you know have fruitful, prosperous lives. While your definition of what you consider successful could differ from the person sitting next to you, people who've mastered these principles tend achieve amazing things for themselves.

    Just like with consciously using universal principles, there are many helpful techniques that successful people often use. For example, they may have a certain routine that works for them so they follow it daily. Let's find what works for you!

    Surprisingly Fast And Specific Results Are Waiting For You To Call 'Em In

    Feels like a 10 out of 10.

    "One of my biggest wins in life is coaching with Marcie. Using the Law of Attraction – Universal Laws and Success Principles, Marcie helps me continue on my path to personal empowerment to explore and shift things in areas of my life to make real change. She asks the right questions to help me get clear on my thoughts and emotions. She offers Law of attraction processes that help to increase my vibration even more! I am always feeling like a 10 out of 10 after a Coaching session with Marcie!"

    – Kathy Machado

    Provable results.

    "Coaching with Marcie's been great for me. She has a 6th sense about what I need in every call. Some days I've come to her in a complete mess and her energy is calm. I leave feeling unburdened like I've been able to put things right. When I'm in a great mood it is so much fun. It doesn't matter the day I've been having I can be myself with Marc. And she uses great coaching tools and exercises that really work! If you coach with her you are going to be in safe hands. I know I am and my results prove it."

    – Karoleena P.

    Manifests with better accuracy.

    "I didn't know what coaching was until I decided to coach with Illuminated You and I am so happy with all the things I've used manifesting for. Marcie's helped me get the right things every time instead of just getting whatever my moods get me. It hasn't been easy all the time but I'm getting much better at keeping my moods in the right direction. I'm not little miss sunshine but I feel better a lot of the time. That means a lot."

    Susan K. Walsh

    Manifested faster with coaching.

    "My results happened because of the way Marcie takes in teaching you the universal laws stuff first. I started with freebies and worked my way up. When I decided to go for 1-1 coaching it was a big benefit to know about manifesting first then move into coaching. I got lots of stuff that I've been working for but coachings made things go way faster and I'm more confident about what I'm doing."

    –Kurt H.

    Growth Based Techniques For Personal Development

    Are you looking for a way to take your life to the next level? If you feel like you're stuck and having a hard time moving forward, then growth based techniques for personal development may be just what you're looking for. These can help you make some serious progress with your goals.

    That's because personal development is a fabulous way to expand as a person. Different methods here will focus on continuous growth and learning, which helps you to reach your full potential. There are many different  techniques, for instance, journaling is a simple one that can help you develop a lot of insight into yourself.

    Also, while you're working with me, it doesn't matter if you're learning in a course or membership or investing in coaching/mentoring; my task is to help you evolve as a person. You can be assured that I use a selection of frameworks and methods to help get you there.

    Mindset And Lifestyle Goals

    We attract what we are and what we repeatedly do. It holds true for both our mindset and our lifestyle goals. If we want to manifest like crazy and actualize our dreams, we've gotta create some new and better habits. The awesome news is that we can do both by setting aims and then working on our mindset and the daily practices that could interfere with getting them.

    The best way to support your goals and find freedom in all areas of your life is to know yourself and how you react to the regular and not-so-regular events that pop up; hello, enneagram! The benefit is that when you're setting your goals, you're realistic about making adjustments that will get you to take big strides in the way you live. It's all part of getting from here to there.

    The Big, Intriguing Question Is, Am I The Right Coach For You?

    Your question might be, "Sure, I've got dreams and goals but, can you help me get there? And hey, I get that!

  • After all, coaching with someone is a vulnerable thing. Maybe you're not sure if you can trust me with those closely-held dreams of yours.

  • Heck, maybe you're not even 100% sure what coaching is right now and if you really need it. There's no shortage of courses and memberships, even masterminds. Wondering what you should choose?

  • How about not wanting to get scammed? Lots of people get concerned when they go to pay for a coaching package if they'll get their money's worth or the outcome they really want. 

  • Here's the thing, while it's your choice to make, I can make things a bit easier for you to decide to say YES! 

  • Get personalized attention. Clarify your vision, see where you are now and where you want to be.

  • Get personalized help in choosing the best direction for your ultimate results and what steps to skip for a quantum rise.

  • Get personalized support, motivation, inspiration, and accountability between coaching sessions.

  • Get personalized tools to overcome the day-to-day obstacles and solve future problems before they even happen!

  • Don't Waste Any Time In Deciding To Secure Your

    Co-creative Future!

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