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Unlimited 12

Coaching Package

Everything you need to 10X your manifesting results!

Personalized Service

Each session is tailored to your current coaching needs.

Forward-facing Focus

Because you're looking to your future, you'll end up solving problems before they even happen.

Daily Weekday Access To Your Coach

You get 4, 15-minute laser coaching sessions per week. You schedule them for when you're available. If something pops up and you can't make it, then your 15-minute session will roll forward so you can use it another day. 

*All sessions will be 15 minutes so you stay focused on what you need that day.

**No, you can't save up 15-minute increments to squeeze out an hour. 

***There's a limit of 3 months beyond the completion of your package to use up any unused 15-minute increments. Most clients will have one or two left over at the expiration of their package.

Regular Progress Tracking And Reviews

You'll get a weekly check-in with your coach in the form of a 15-minute laser session dedicated to what happened for you that week. You'll also do a monthly self check-in as your track insights, shifts and reach your realizations. You'll share it with your coach for some feedback and realistic adjustment to your plans.

Consistent Communication With Your Coach

Make the most of your coaching between sessions with access to your coaching website/app. It's where you can find your paperwork, access coaching exercises, get mini-trainings and more. It's all set up by your coach and you can ask questions through the built-in chat at any time. 


We reach goals through a maintained commitment and illustratable action. But hey, we're all human and life happens. If you're not completing assigned exercises, making any progress or stop showing up for yourself, your coach will keep you accountable by checking in with you about what's holding you back from doing so. That's why communication is key after all.

Continual Motivation And Inspiration

When you're havin' a day, and we all do, you'll have tons of access to encouragement and incentives to keep on going.

Refund Policy

Of course at IYLC, we're going to take all necessary precautions to ensure that you're ready for coaching before you sign up for it. However in certain instances, a refund may be appropriate. An example is if it's determined a therapist would be a better fit after you've already signed up. Refunds are strictly on a case by case basis!

***Note that refunds provided once a coaching package has been activated would not include refunds for time used. It would only be applicable to time not used.***

All that's left to do is to choose the right payment option for you!

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