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For The Manifesting Enthusiast Who's Ready To Realize Their UltimateDreams

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I coach, teach and mentor manifesting enthusiasts to co-create dreams and lifestyles with the mighty power of universal principles...

...You could say it's my mad mission to;

Think Of Me As Your Friendly, Neighborhood Manifesting Coach

I never thought my uncanny ability to pick up on vibes would come in so handy. That is until I became a mom to four kids. Turns out that ability also helps me in my day-to-day, working with people to overcome what's holding them back. 

Who knew a shy, awkward kid from Saskatchewan (in Canada) would find her passion in helping people like I do? I get a great deal of satisfaction when a client busts through a period of lack in their lives, (been there!) or I can guide them into settling the rollercoaster of emotions that's interfering with their abundance ( I think I could write a whole book on that.) It's sooo rewarding when I see them gaining clarity and dissolving all the muck that's keeping them stuck. The best part? When what they want starts popping up like Samantha Stephens (from the Bewitched tv show) has been twitching that nose of hers again!

I know what aaall that feels like because I've been smack dab in the middle of each of those stages one time or other. Who hasn't been? That's why my clients and I connect so well. I get you moving forward with a little system I like to call 10X-A2E2. Don't be scared off by such a technical term, now! It's just a fancy way of saying that I have a certain way to get people focusing on what's going on inside so they can transform what's outside.

They couldn't help it; they all rolled their eyes at me...

when I told them I could help them manifest exactly what they wanted!

And when their dreams appeared right before their very eyes every one of them called to thank me!

You see when I first started manifesting I failed sooooo hard. But I'm no darned quitter and I decided to learn from all my mistakes.

So, I became the only Manifesting Coach with an A-Z plan for attracting exactly what you want like a co-creative genius!

Hi there, I'm Marcie and I'll help you bring your big, badass dream to life!

 In case you’ve never heard of me, well, **horrified gasp!**

Honestly, you probably haven't and I'd rather listen to you. The exception to that rule ends when I start talking about manifesting. 😉

Then I can talk for ages. *Consider this a fair warning.*

Anyways I don't like to brag because I'm pretty humble. But it's important you have a few facts about why I’m

uniquely & firmly qualified

to help you discover everything you've ever wanted to know about universal principles, manifesting with them and then some.

Here they are, and excuse me if I blush just a bit as you read through this list, okay? 

  • Some Sweet Manifesting Skills

  • I'm a certified coach and consultant with ages of my own experience in manifesting, conquering my mindset, and energy. The biggest result of my innumerable fails is gaining extensive knowledge about universal principles. I've overhauled my entire life more than once using them and I never get tired of the excitement and wonder in attracting new things! 

  • Many Seasons Of Experience

  • Since 2007 I've helped people create their ideal lifestyle through manifesting, by teaching, coaching and providing supportive guidance. I promise I'm your biggest cheerleader during your process to actualize your important and closely held dreams. But hey, experience means nothing if you don't have...

  • Happy Clients and Students

  • I've worked with hundreds of clients and even more students! I'm so danged proud of each one of them who's gone from frustrated, angry and struggling to a great lifestyle with better circumstances all the freakin' time . I've found my clients and students get much more accurate and far quicker results than by going it on their own. 

  • Solution Oriented For All Manifestors

    ( Yes, I know it's not a word.)

  • That's why I started doing memberships. I was sick & tired of people not getting the help they needed because of the sometimes massive cost of private coaching. Don't get me wrong, yes, it can be totally worth it! However, I know not everybody can afford it, so, I've created solutions for all types of budgets to grow into the flow of quick, seamless, and best of all, easier manifesting.

  • I Seriously Love What I Do!

  • Aside from this being my jam, I also wanted to work for myself and make money because food and bills and life. Also my nerdy addiction to audiobooks and a really good cup of coffee.

    So, stick with me because, this is your chance to overcome manifesting obstacles and build a true belief in yourself and your God-given right to abundance forever and ever amen.

    Let's see if we should work together.

    • You're sooo tired of being sick and tired of using the Law Of Attraction and ending up with uhhh...nothing much!

    • No matter how hard you try, you can't seem to get past your crappy circumstances. It's like the same pesky problems follow you around.

    • You've been working on your goal forever. Months and years have passed and you're still in the same place you were when you started.

    • You feel like it's time to give up. Maybe this LOA thing  is just a bunch of hoo-ha and it doesn't work.

    • But deep down you know that it does and you can do this. If the LOA works for other people, by George, you're gonna give it another shot.

    • You know that there are still areas where you have some work to do. You might not be sure of what they are yet, but it's definitely worth a try. 

    • You're ready to take a big step forward, take responsibility your future and do all the things necessary to achieve you goals.

    • You know life is too damned short to waste any more time thinking about living your dreams. Let's go!

    The Big, Intriguing Question Is, Am I The Right Coach For You?

    Look, I know you're not sure if coaching is right for you yet. But you're already on a path of some kind, and the choice is all yours. You could...

  • Be wishy-washy about your goals and whether or not you'll actually make them a reality.

  • Find what seems to be the right path for you and put it into motion only to get stuck when you come up against roadblocks.

  • You could even spend a bunch o'money and end up doing nothing because of that niggling feeling of fear of failure, or even success!

  • Here's the secret I've been holding back until now; I know you don't have to do things step-by-step with slow results and a lot of pull-you-hair-out type frustration!

  • Get personalized attention. Clarify your vision, see where you are now and where you want to be.

  • Get personalized help in choosing the best direction for your ultimate results and what steps to skip for a quantum rise.

  • Get personalized support, motivation, inspiration, and accountability between coaching sessions.

  • Get personalized tools to overcome the day-to-day obstacles and solve future problems before they even happen!

  • If You Think I Can Help, Then You're Invited To Check Out My Personal And Group Pages!

    Client Testimonials

    With ✧༺♥༻∞ from clients

    "Marcie is amazing-her energy is positive, uplifting and contagious. Marcie intuitively listens to what you are seeking in the moment and provides great supportive tools to help you gain clarity on your soul path. Her follow up sessions were always on point and inspired me to great inner reflections and insights."

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