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In-The-Know On Why IYLC's 1:1 Packages Get Prompt Breakthroughs

Move from stalled to discovery, from improvement to progress at record speeds!

The Big, Intriguing Question Is, Am I The Right Coach For You?

Look, I know you're not sure if coaching is right for you yet. But you're already on a path of some kind, and the choice is all yours. You could...

  • Be wishy-washy about your goals and whether or not you'll actually make them a reality.

  • Find what seems to be the right path for you and put it into motion only to get stuck when you come up against roadblocks.

  • You could even spend a bunch o'money and end up doing nothing because of that niggling feeling of fear of failure, or even success!

  • Here's the secret I've been holding back until now; I know you don't have to do things step-by-step with slow results and a lot of pull-you-hair-out type frustration!

  • Get personalized attention. Clarify your vision, see where you are now and where you want to be.

  • Get personalized help in choosing the best direction for your ultimate results and what steps to skip for a quantum rise.

  • Get personalized support, motivation, inspiration, and accountability between coaching sessions.

  • Get personalized tools to overcome the day-to-day obstacles and solve future problems before they even happen!

  • If 10-Xing Your Results Sounds Like Your Thing...

    You're In Exactly The Right Place For My A2E2 System!

    The focus for all coaching and mentoring starts with these four pillars of exponential growth.


    If you're a student already, congrats, you're no stranger to this pillar. All the knowledge about universal laws that you've been soaking up and the practical steps you're taking to integrate that exciting info into your life is part of this first pillar.  And just like the seed of life symbol your awareness of co-creation is meant to bless you and protect you.

    Of course your self-awareness counts here too! But your own special style, circumstances and expertise about you is gonna be what threads your coaching experience together.

    Some Of The Sweet Rewards Of Awareness You'll Reap Are

    • More living in the present moment

    • Feeling compassion in new and different ways

    • Becoming more mindful about everything in your life

    • A real connection with your inner wisdom

    • A more authentic you


    The state of your life can be summed up at any time through your attitudes. All those ideas you've accumulated over a lifetime is what makes manifesting the lifestyle you want challenging or not so challenging.

    This second pillar includes your general mindset, what you've been taught, things you aren't letting go of and those well-worn thought patterns. Like the flower of life symbol here,  you can think about your attitude as the blueprint of your universe. It contains the pattern that you've established and controls your outcomes. So, the only question is, will you stick with what you know now or will you be running with gusto toward your future?

    Reshaping Your Attitudes Can Naturally Lead To Ample And Worthy Outcomes

    • A more positive attitude can help you stay motivated and focused

    • A great outlook can assist with maintaining good health and relationships

    • Being forward looking in your mindset can make you more resilient to stress and adversity

    • Having optimism while co-creating your goals keeps your energy on track 

    • A higher vibration can help you maintain perspective and keep you going when you need it

    Emotional Guidance

    Your thoughts have the ability to drive the way you feel. Think about it. If you wake up in a lousy mood, it takes something pretty danged good to happen to snap you out of it most of the time. The 13 circles in the fruit of life symbol shown here depict transition and unity between dimensions. And higher frequency means you can enter a higher dimension.

    Taking charge of the way you feel and choosing to feel good more often is what this third pillar is all about. Why? Because feeling good equals a better, more attractive vibration. That's what's gonna get you lined up with all those things on your wish list. If you get good at it, you don't have to search for a magic lamp. Your genie is a knock, knock, knockin' on your door. 

    Advantages Of Going From None To Super Productive Emotional Guidance

    • A better sense that you have some control in your life

    • Generate feelings of confidence and empowerment

    • Increased satisfaction in general and more enjoyment of life

    • It's easier to manage stress if you know how to move your emotions

    • Important for good mental health


    What shows up in your life is based on the three pillars we've already discussed. No, I'm not giving you a hard time, there's no shame in what's happened for you previously. My coaching space, just like all my others, is a judgement-free zone. You may or may not know that this illustration is Metatron's cube, used by the archangel Metatron to watch the flow of energy that connects us to the divine. As we imagine it rotating with energy, know that it's a symbol of our ability to co-create with the universe and find our personal potential and power.

    This final pillar gets you focused on your future, your personal balance of the other pillars and the actions you do/don't need to take to get there. How you handle the things that go on in the moment takes center stage here too. This is all about transforming your perspectives, actions and moving into new, and better states of being.


    Get The Upper Hand By Playfully Directing Your Unstoppable Co-Creative Experience

    • Successfully take on new challenges and passions

    • Make better decisions and solve future problems before they even happen

    • You'll be able to easily and better relate to people and make more positive impact

    • Increased creativity and opportunities

    • Personal growth can lead to more enhanced spiritual growth

    And here's how you'll do it. 

    There are many productive ways to achieve goals.

    And these are a few of the impressive tools and methods I use to help you with your fearless ambitions.

    We discuss what blend of these delights is right for you once you've decided to take the plunge and liberate yourself to be unstoppable.

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