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I teach and mentor manifesting enthusiasts to co-create dreams and lifestyles with the mighty power of universal principles..

I believe that universal principles are our Creator's laws. Why? Because they're fundamental, they work for everyone, work all the time without fail, and are understandable. What's even more vital for us humans is that they're demonstrable.

Let's get to know each other...

Look, I know that people have a tough time with the word "manifest," and if you do too, that's okay; I get it. I wondered at first if there was something wrong or evil about the idea of manifesting. Over time, I've realized that it's easily replaced with the word "grow," or "become." That's why manifesting and coaching fit so well together.

Nothing will make a believer out of you better than consciously bringing your idea of happiness, freedom or anything else you want to life!

If we can adjust our ideas to embrace the thought that these principles can help us create a life worth living, our lives will be changed forever.

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I'm a manifesting enthusiast who failed and failed, and failed again.

So I became the only Manifesting Coach with an A-Z plan for attracting exactly what you want like a co-creative genius! Here's how I can help...

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If your focus is learning manifesting and finding your special mix of co-creative elements, then one of our memberships or courses may be for you. Become part of our community for all the new and updated training and events. 

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Become a VIP member of the Powered UP coaching membership for manifesting enthusiasts.

Need some manifesting coaching, but not sure what it entails or even what it is? Enroll in Powered UP and enjoy the level of group coaching that suits you best.

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Podcast, mini-courses, blog...what kind of free resources tickle your fancy today?

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Don't worry, you can catch up on alll the great topics you've  missed! And don't forget to sign up for the updates so you'll never have to worry about missing them again.

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You're in luck, all of our 5-star rated mini-courses live within Powered UP.  You name it, if it's manifesting related, it's there.  Head on over to the enrollment page and choose the level where you want to start. 

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Your inner nerd begging for a great blog read?

Look no further than our Ignition blog. It will always have some addictive material for you to obsess over. Sometimes it's in the form of a video, a podcast episode or just the good, old read.  Subscribe for updates!

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Client Testimonials

With ✧༺♥༻∞ from clients

"One of my biggest wins in life is coaching with Marcie. Using the Law of Attraction – Universal Laws and Success Principles, Marcie helps me continue on my path to personal empowerment to explore and shift things in areas of my life to make real change. She asks the right questions to help me get clear on my thoughts and emotions. She offers Law of attraction processes that help to increase my vibration even more! I am always feeling like a 10 out of 10 after a Coaching session with Marcie!"

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